June 21, 2024

By Ellie & Colby S. (2022)

·:¨༺♡CHAPTER 1♡༻¨:·. 

(3rd person view/narrative)     

Sardonyx ran through the streets in desperation of leaving that place. The ashes clogged and burned a spacious hole in her memory. She slowed to a stop at an alleyway, scaring the rats in the process, and sat down to weep. After nearly two years of running, she needed to stop and accept the change.

Two years ago, she was happy with the most amazing family and a normal life. She had friends, was in the education system, and was just about the luckiest girl alive. Little did she know, one night that took an unexpected turn.

In the middle of the night, within a dream of __________, the smell of sugar burning woke her up. She pried her eyes open to see green flames traveling fast and spreading through the house. Her instincts took over as she hopped out of bed, and ran as fast as she’d ever run before, fueled by adrenaline and fear, out of the house. But, just as she reached safety, a realization of horror passed through her mind as she looked back at the rapidly collapsing house. Her parents were still trapped in there. Sardonyx began running back toward the house, but a strong pair of arms, belonging to a firefighter, pulled her back. Her punny ten-year-old arms thrashed and fought, but her attempts failed. The firefighter dragged a girl begging for her parents and thick tear stains etching her pale cheeks.

The very next day, Children Control Services called in and she was put into a local orphanage. She stayed there for a few months, sulking and keeping to herself before a foster family came to take care of her. The family already had three kids so Nyx didn’t get much attention, care, or even enough food. She would sneak behind the couch to watch TV while the other kids sat on the couch. She was enrolled in a school but had failing grades and was despised by all the teachers.

One day, Nyx took the long way home and decided to stop on a bench near a lake. The water and trees always managed to calm her down. She sat there for a few minutes, soaking up the eng before a warm hand lay on her shoulder.

“Hello,” A significantly deep male voice spoke from somewhere behind her.

Startled, Sardonyx jumped out of the chair, fueled by her reflexes, and did a backflip, grabbing the man’s shoulders in the process. She landed on the ground with the man’s arms pinned behind his back.

“Oww….” The man said, rubbing his head. “What was that for?” 

Sardonyx winced, lately her reflexes were getting on to her. “Sorry,” She mumbled and got off the man. “Didn’t mean to do that- Blame- Blame” She looked around and blurted “The s- shoes!”

The man chucked and Nyx held her head embarrassed. 

As she helped the man up, he began “So, I have been watching you for a while now. You certainly have the qualities we need for a new recruit,” He held up an ID, “My name’s Devin. Captain of the department of recruits. Working for the organization Central Star.” 

“Watching me?” Sardonyx wondered out loud and then took a cautious step back. “You a spy or something??”

“Well more of a secret organization that works for the local government,” Devin answered.

“And you want to recruit ME?”


“But I’m just about the useless girl alive, with no parents, failing grades, and a temper that cannot be contained like a six-headed monster,” She said.

“But, You have found ways to hammer that pain down by focusing on physical strength, stealth, and secrecy so that one day you might face the same situation as your parent’s death and overcome your fears,” Devin proposed. “So how about I give you an offer? Once you are recruited as a new member we will promise to provide you with free training and missions. Isn’t a little danger always what you wanted?”

Sardonyx thought for a moment but didn’t say anything.

“Okay, I’ll give you by the end of tomorrow to decide, then meet me back here at 9 pm, got that?”

She turned back to the man to say yes, he had disappeared into thin air.

Sardonyx headed home and was immediately greeted with requests for an overwhelming amount of chores. When she was busy cleaning up after the other kids, her thoughts paced back to the man’s request and decided, hey maybe this is a chance to get rid of this stupid life. 

(to be continued…)