June 21, 2024

May 2024 by Anastasia M. 8th Grade

To all the things I hadn’t yet accomplished.
I haven’t seen the so-and-so post on Instagram.
I haven’t won the so-and-so award.
I haven’t landed that A in Geometry.
I haven’t …
When will I be enough for me?

The thing is, I’ve always been driven by fear.
Fear of what’s happened.
Fear of what’s to come.
And I’ve struggled like a fish out of water with the present.
I set myself up for success.
And then I savor the failures like an old grudge that I can’t let go of.
When will I ever be enough for me?

Frankly, never.
Until I am.
And the only way I know how to reach that mindset.
Where I am enough.
Is to believe that I am.
And walk through today as it is.
I’m still working on it.

But the truth is.
I only have today.
And that’s enough.
For now.