June 21, 2024

Thee Revolutionary War 

By Harrison Owen C.

Thee table of contents 

  • Page 1-3, thee revolutionary war 
  • Page 4-6 thee battle of concord and lexington Page 9-10 thee narrative  
  • Page 11-12 my opinion 
  • Page 13 thee conclusion 
  • Page 14 thee glossary

Chapter 1: Revolutionary War 

The american revolution started in 1765 and ended in 1783 but it happened when the british kept on
unrightfully taxing the colonists, which means making the colonists pay the government so the colonists wanted to fight back, so they dumped tea in the boston harbour, which made the british really mad, so they passed the intolerable acts, which infuriated the colonists more, so they hid military supplies at concorde so the british had to go through lexington but minutemen were waiting for them there, and then the first shots of the american revolution were fired! There was also the boston massacre which appened because a little boy insulted a british soldier soldier so they hit his head with their musket, so the boy ran away crying, when he came back, he brought all of his friends with him and started throwing snowballs at the guard and more people came, so the guard called in reinforcements and then someone hit one of the guards with a stick, causing him to shoot into the crowd, which confused the other guards causing them to shoot into the crowd killing 5 people. There was also the famous ride of paul revere that happened when he discovered the british were coming, he rode around town and warning the villagers, so that they were prepared to fight. During the american revolution there were many different types of people, there were loyalists, which are people that remained loyal to the british, there were also patriots, which are people that don’t like the british, and there are neutral, which are people that didn’t pick a side. In the end of the american revolution, the colonists won! So they separated from the british to form what is now america.

Chapter 2: Focus Topic 

The battle of Concord and Lexington 

The battle of Concord and Lexington is a very important event that took place during the american  evolution in 1775. It is important because because that was where the first shots of the american revolution were fired, and the american revolution began. It all started out when the british heavily  taxed the colonists. They first taxed the colonists on tea, so the colonists dumped tea into the boston  harbour as a protest, this was known as the boston tea party. The british got so mad about this that  they closed down the boston harbour, and made the colonists pay for the tea, and they added taxes on  sugar paper, and more! That was it for the colonists, they had enough, so they decided to hide weapons  at concord to prepare to fight! They also assembled a militia which is a military. called the continental  army to fight in the upcoming war, George Washington was a general in the continental army, but,  fun fact, if George Washington’s mom had not stopped George from joining the british, he would have  instead fought against the continental army! So after the british found out about the colonists hoarding supplies at concord, the british went  to try to get there, but they had to get through Lexington, and by that time, the americans had found  out about the british’s plan to steal their weapons, so they set minutemen at Lexington to wait for the  british to arrive there. When the british finally arrived there, they were met by a big group of  minutemen, which are a type of soldier, eventually someone shot at the other side causing confusion,  and a battle to break out, the minutemen lost the first battle, so the british marched onward towards  concord, hen they finally got there they were ambushed by hundreds of minutemen! Causing them to  retreat back to boston. 

Chapter 3: Narrative 

One fateful day as I was training on the field, I heard someone yell, THE REDCOATS ARE COMING!!! Me and my  fellow soldiers immediately got into position we raised our muskets as the gates opened we started firing, I shot down a  soldier, and another one, and another one. Soon the british realized that it was me shooting down some of the soldiers, so  there were bullets flying at me from many directions that was very overwhelming because I kept on having to take cover,  then I felt a bullet go through my leg, I immediately fell, and everything went black, I woke up to find my my head and  leg in bandages, I must have fell and hit my head on a rock and get knocked out, because I immediately felt a severe pain  go through my head and leg, I ended up alive, but I will never forget what happened to me that fateful day at concord. 

Redcoats are the british soldiers 

Chapter 4: Opinion 

My opinion on the american revolution is that I think the outcome of the american revolution was  good, because the americans had separated from great britain, there weren’t any bad taxes, and  america became a free country, and without the american revolution happening, and the americans  winning, we would still be part of britain today. I also think the outcome was good, because the british  got what they deserved for unrightfully taxing the americans, because the americans separated from  britain to become a free country, the british lost a lot of money from the war, and the americans were  under better control. I also think the american revolution was good because without it there would not  be some of the most important things in history, for example, george washington as a president,  because he wouldn’t have been in the war, we would not be free, because we would still be under  british rule, and and there would be no declaration of independence because we wouldn’t need  independence, and we would still be heavily taxed by the british because we would still be a part of  great britain. That is why I think the outcome of the american revolution was good.


In conclusion, I hope this will help on your research, and that you learned something new from this book. Everything in  this book are facts so I hope this helps for whatever you’re doing about the american revolution


  • Militia- military. 
  • Revolution– an uprising. 
  • Tax- the money you are forced pay to the government when you are an adult.
  • Minutemen- men in the war that had to be ready at a minutes notice
  • Redcoats- The british soldier 

Sites I used 

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This book is about the american revolution, and it includes,

  • About the revolution, 
  • The battles of concord and lexington, 
  • A narrative, 
  • And a opinion. 

That would make this book perfect for a project on the american revolution,  which is why I wrote this . . so I personally think that you should read this. ⌣