June 21, 2024

By Colby & Ellie S.

·:¨༺♡CHAPTER 2♡༻¨:·. 

(Sardonyx POV)

A glittering, shimmering room stood in front of me as I watched in wonder. Devin had brought me to this secret bunker underneath the New York city sewer. The bunker was very spacious considering it had an enormous cafeteria, a gym, along with several master bedroom suites for recruits, even though they were all literally adults. Apparently, all the kids the agency wanted to recruit either declined or were—- well they don’t talk about it.

After my first few weeks there, I trained really hard. It wasn’t at all like PE in school where the coach makes you run some laps and then you’re done. It was hours of work each day on drilling combat moves and tactics to use during a fight. The question that always seemed to be chirping at the back of my mind was asking when I’d ever actually need to use these things in the real world.

I found my answer fairly quickly when I was called upon to Anna Berlark, the head of the entire organization‘s office.

Because getting called into the head’s office doesn’t happen often, I figured it would be very important.

I walked into the little, yet elegant office. The walls were ornate with different pictures of Anna’s family. The pictures had the faces of her husband and child but both didn’t know she worked at central star. There were big green drapes pulled to both sides revealing a window facing the cafeteria. How have I never noticed that? Sardonyx thought. 

“Ah, yes, noticing the green drapes?” A cheerful voice rang out.

My attention immediately shifted to the woman sitting on a chair, her legs blocked by an oak desk that had a PC set up with some monitors. 

Anna Berlark.

She looked a bit older than in the photographs on the walls, soft brunette hair and emerald green eyes (much like mine) framed with a pair of black cat-eyed glasses.

I nodded and she continued.

“See you have made it here!” She smiled warmly after taking her eyes off her PC again. Through the reflective lenses of her eyeglasses, I spotted numerous encoders and decoders. She took the glasses off her nose and placed them down on the table.

As she walked up, she started to say something that would’ve been along the lines of “So how was your time here so far?” but I interrupted her.

“Yes….uh what was the reason you called me here?” As much as I didn’t want to know why I was called here, I despised small talk on another level. 

“Well, Sardonyx, you have been doing exceptionally well for someone younger than most recruits here, so, the organization has arranged a mission for you to go on.” She paused and clicked a remote.

A green holographic projection showed up and hovered in mid-air. She placed her hands onto a light censored keyboard and began typing.

My jaw dropped. This technology already exists?

Anna chuckled in response to seeing my reaction. “We indeed are very secretive and smart!” Her fingers flew across the keyboard and then exclaimed “Ah!” as a holographic projection flashed. The projection displayed all sorts of technology, maps, and safety rules needed.

This time my jaw dropped in amusement and excitement.

“Woah….so a real mission?” 

“Yep! Alright so….” Anna explained the game plan. The next morning I found myself going on my very first mission.

(To Be Continued…)