June 21, 2024

Colby S. (G2, 2021) 

Introduction (Matt POV)

“Want to play ball?” My friend Andrew asked me. “Nah, I’m tired of being kicked.” I replied, I had gotten kicked in the shins 94 times to be exact. “In that case” Andrew said, “How is your shapeshifting?”. 

It was another sunny Tuesday on  hawk-ship. Hawk-ship was a ship where people learn 4 elements, teleportation, shapeshifting, Technology, and mapping, the ability to see where everything is and the nearest destination.  The ship’s frog would sort the new people for the next generation. There is one element that all can do. It is telekinesis. The reason is that if one did it , they would faint for 5 minutes. The ship was kind of like an island. “Very good, I am learning how to shapeshift into rocks.” I replied excitedly “How about you? How’s your teleportation?” “Good, I am learning how to teleport above myself today.” said Andrew. 

Just then the bell rang. “RIIIIIIIIINNNNNGGGGGGG” “That’s the bell!” I yelled over the ring. I ran to my class. As I sat down at my desk, I noticed something bright green and yellow in my desk. I pulled it out of my desk. It was a watch. “I guess Mr.Ganor found it.” my teacher , Ms.Rod said. “What does it do and what does it mean?” I asked her. “It means,” She said “That today is the last lesson for you.” “OMG!” I thought excitedly “IS IT REALLY MY LAST LESSON!?”. 

At the end of the day I was sent to Mr.Ganor’s office . Andrew and a few other kids were there, too. I waited until I was called. At last, I was called. I followed Mr.Ganor to the inside of his office. The sorting frog was there. The frog looked at me and croaked. The frog translate beeped, then screached “TEEEAAAMMM TTTHHHRRREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. 

I got sent to team three. There were 3 people there already. One was a technology expert named Ella, another was a mapper named Lucy, and the last was Andrew. “Andrew!!!” I yelled hugging him.

Then, suddenly the speaker announced “Attention Teams!!! These are the directions! First, you and your team will come up with a name. After that you will pick a planet. Once you do that, you will all teleport there, get a family then live there. There will be quests to solve and stop. To communicate, on the watch there is a button. If you press it, it will call your team members, have fun!”. Then, the speaker stopped. 

“So,” I said, “ What name should we make?” 

“How about camp flocks?” suggested Andrew 

“I don’t like the flocks part but the camp part is ok.” said Ella 

“ How about camp horse?” Lucy asked. 

That reminded me of a horseshoe. “How about camp horseshoe?” I suggested 

“I like Camp hor shoo better.” said Andrew 

“Then camp hor shoo it is!” I said. 

Both Ella and Lucy agreed. “Let’s pick planet earth because it is the best planet I can think of.” said Lucy. We all agreed and a black mist appeared. 

I stepped in and we all got teleported to the Earth adoption center.