June 21, 2024

By Marcus W.

For my February break
I went to Great Wolf.
We ate cupcakes
and had a fun time.

At the waterpark,
I splished and splashed.
I raced for slide,
and often clashed.
There was water basketball.
There was a drop slide.
I didn’t have the gall
for there was a fall.

There was a raft slide,
with the insides,
of a huge tornado,
complete with an icy blow.

Surfing was there
had a waiver.
gave me a nightmare.
with sea-spray flavor.

I went up and down,
without a frown.
with my wand in my hand,
I was in a fairyland.

Sadly it had ended.
We were leaving soon,
on the full moon.
The stay was splendid.