June 21, 2024

Sicheng Zhou (G11, 2024)

My mom came to visit me, before she brought me to a summer camp.  We came to the downtown area of Princeton. We chose Lan Ramen to eat  because it is a restaurant that opened conveniently near to us. We walked  there from Princeton Public Library, and it only took us 3 minutes. I ordered  the Flash Fried String Beans and Baby Back Ribs. I can only eat pork  because I am allergic to beef and chicken, so I often eat pork ribs. Green  beans have always been one of my favorite foods. 

Lan Ramen has an attractive sign and is located in the basement level  of a (describe building). There are stairs that can go down directly into it. It is  clean. It has a good smell. It doesn’t have noisy sounds. The staff are friendly  and attentive. They made suggestions on what to eat and gave us time to  make our choice. 

There are all kinds of people who go to the restaurant, including people  of all ages from young children to elderly. There is a menu on the machine for  the takeaway food, but it doesn’t have price labels. However, the menu for  eating in doesn’t have sticky pages and has labels for price, but it also doesn’t  have pictures of the food, so we looked at the computer for takeaway orders  out of the door that shows the photos of the food. 

We received all the orders correctly. The food looked very similar to the  photos provided in the menu, mouth-wateringly delicious. The pork ribs have  sauce around them and look flavorful. The beans look fresh and tasty. The 

food is clean. There aren’t any insects or hair in the food. We didn’t check the  ingredients of the food, but the sauce and vegetables were under our  expectations. They smell really good and the sweet smell makes me want to  try it immediately. The quantity of food is comparatively acceptable. There  was about the same amount of food as I expected despite the fact that I  wanted to have a second serve after I eat. 

The food tastes appetizing. The taste is better than I expected. When I  took a bite of the ribs, I felt that I had never tasted such sweet ribs before.  One bite made me want to have another bite. The beans are also delicious. It  has a lot of flavor in it. It tastes salty, sweet, sour, and a little spicy. The  flavors have perfect proportions and combine to form a good and pleasing  overall taste. The ribs are tender and the vegetables around the ribs and the  beans are juicy so that I can bite the ribs and chew the vegetables easily.  When I had the meal, I felt that I wasn’t pressured to eat, but was enjoying the  taste of the food. 

It was a good meal. I felt happy and energized after eating it. I felt  satisfied about the amount of money versus the value I received from the  meal. I would try other food in the restaurant, like Taiwanese Style Pork Chop  and Sugar Snap Peas.