July 26, 2024

6/27/2023 By Jason Z

“Patter, Patter, Patter” said the raindrops as they tapped against the window. John was outside mowing the lawn. He wanted to go and work on his special concoction, but his parents forced him to do chores even though it was raining. After an eternity, he finished all the chores and was allowed to go into his room. It was littered with test tube racks, measuring tools, as well as some kitchen tools such as a mixer, blender, and oven, which assisted with experiments. Right now, he was cooking up a special concoction. Off the black market, he had bought some special minerals that could alter the time rift of the universe. Basically, John could make a time machine if he used the right ingredients. 

Before John did a single chore, he mixed the mineral with other ingredients such as water, diamonds, and some gas, which allowed the reaction to occur. He put the mixture under the supercompressor, which was set to 5024x pressure.  After the chores, he created a small black hole, which he put into a box surrounded with superdense matter. This bought him more time to put the box into a welded and cast container. The container had all sorts of electrical wires and emp machines, which managed to allow the black hole to warp time. 

After the time machine was finished, John decided to try it out. He entered “12069” into the machine, selected AD, and said “Here goes nothing” as he was warped into the future. 

The moment he entered the future, a laser beam destroyed the time machine, effectively removing his getaway incase things turned south. He hid behind a huge boulder, watching the carnage unfolded from his rocky sanctuary. John saw a group on his left called “Black fist”, which was an evil group attempting to take over the world. Before he could turn his attention to the people on his right, he was spotted, so he started running. 

After about 24 hours of running, he ended up in an abandoned city. He saw a signpost that read “P N CI Y”. He knew some of the letters were erased, but he still continued. He decided to rest in an abandoned shopping center called “barrier bar”, where he scavenged basic supplies and was able to rest. 

A few days later, he was met by somebody who was also running. Together, they agreed to bring back reality. They walked into a sketchy building disguised as an artist’s department, where they found a briefcase. Upon opening said briefcase, they were teleported. They heard a voice “Go east”. They obeyed the voice and continued forward. After walking across the country, they ended up in a place called “Old White.” Apparently, the combination of the briefcase and a special suit reverted everything to normal. The time warper was actually his father.