April 18, 2024

BY: ANNIE (5G) – 2021

“ICY JUNIPER WELLINGTON, GET BACK HERE THIS VERY SECOND!” yelled Miss Irina, chasing after Icy. 

Icy ignored her and started fleeing away, seeming to float on green hills and flowery fields. Suddenly, the figure with the silver hair and velvety blue cape disappeared in a cloud of green. 

“ICY!” yelled Leafmist, zooming toward the spot where Icy had disappeared.

A smooth hand pushed her back, and a voice replied, “No, no, don’t, Leafmist. You’ll only get hurt yourself. We really can’t lose another student. Please, come on now. Everyone back to the schoolhouse.” 

Leafmist took a last glance at the beautiful landscape and then turned, racing back towards the bright red schoolhouse. Miss Irina followed her in, and locked the door behind her. 

Back in the fields, Icy had disappeared behind a flowery hill. She swung a rope over a deep pit and prepared to cross. However, once she stepped on the rope, her gray eyes widened, her heart fluttered faster than a peregrine falcon at top speed, her legs tightened. She couldn’t move, couldn’t take another step. A million years seemed to pass before the world finally moved.

Icy fell. The rope snapped. She plummeted downwards. Her hair flew around her, her eyes darted from side to side as she tried to grab onto the rocky ledges sticking around her. Every time she grabbed one, however, it seemed to disappear in a cloud of smoke. 

After what seemed like a thousand years later, she landed on a layer of soft, fluffy, coldness. Icy stood up and looked around her. 

She gasped and turned, fleeing, sinking deeper into the snow with each step. Her fingers were numb, her face windblown and pale. At last, she collapsed into the snow. Her eyes closed, and she sank into the snow with a sigh. 

The next morning, she awoke in a cold igloo. There was a girl with blue hair cooking, to her delight. She slipped off the bed as quietly as possible. 

“Oh, you’re awake! Good! I’m Aquamarine, it’s nice to meet you!” the girl said, turning around and holding out her hand.

Icy gingerly shook it and replied, “I’m Icy. This is the Arctic, right?” 

The girl nodded, serving her a plate of rabbit stew along with a rough wooden spoon. Icy thanked her, then sipped the soup. 

“This is good!” she complimented, continuing to drink the stew. 

“Thank you,” replied Aquamarine. “not many people are here to eat, but I give what I can. Oh, would you like some veggies and meat? By the way, you can call me Aqua.” 

Icy nodded, as her mouth was full of the delicious stew. Aquamarine sliced her some fresh peas and a little of baked rabbit meat, then piled it on her plate. Icy thanked her gratefully, and gobbled it up. She was quite hungry, as she had not eaten for a day already. Aquamarine watched her happily, then scooped a little more for Icy, leaving some for herself. 

After a minute or two of silence, Icy said, “Well, I need to get going. Do you know how to get back to Greenfield?” 

Aquamarine was silent for a while, but then answered, “Well, Spellcaster can answer that. I’ll take you to her.” 

Aquamarine thrust a pair of clothes at Icy, saying, “Dress in that, it’ll keep you warm.” 

Icy changed into the clothes, and Aquamarine dragged her to a rural village, where a purple haired girl was talking to another vampire-looking man. 

“Ray, these times are gonna be hard, but I’m sticking with you no matter what. And I’m gonna have that debt paid for you in no time.” Spellcaster, the purple haired girl, was saying. “Oh, and I’ll talk later, looks like some folks need me.” 

Ray, the man, nodded, “Alright. See you around.” and left. 

Spellcaster and Aquamarine talked for a bit before turning around to me.

“I can’t help, darling. I’m so sorry.” Spellbound replied. “There’s just so much stuff going on around me, Ray gots to pay his debts, I promised I’d help. Dusk gots to earn her job back, and I also promised I’d help. And then Evren said that they were sick. I’m so terribly sorry, my darling.” 

Icy looked up at her defiantly and hissed, “Then I’ll do it by myself.” 

She fled, dancing on the snow. Icy was so intent on fleeing that she didn’t notice the change that had come over her. 

She collapsed in the snow, breathing heavily. Her fingers were turning to ice, cold, numb, white. Her cape was frozen at the edges, her hair no longer fluttering happily in the cold Arctic wind. Her eyes darted around the snowy landscape. 

Icy dragged herself to an apple tree and fell down beside it, panting heavily. The moon was up….the sun was gone. All warmth was gone. She crawled into the snow and fell asleep. A minute later, her spirit rose up, flying into the sky with the other celestial objects. 

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