July 26, 2024

NOTE: This is a community Event that is hosted by @Satan Clara Library (https://sccld.org/svr/) , information listed are all from the library.

Silicon Valley Reads is a community engagement program that celebrates the power of books to bring people together. This year’s program will focus on environmental sustainability, with a selection of books and events that explore the challenges and opportunities of creating a more sustainable future, not only in Santa Clara County but worldwide.

Register now for the kickoff event on Wednesday, January 31, 2024 at the Visual Performing Arts Center (VPAC) at De Anza College at 7 p.m. NBC Bay Area reporter Damian Trujillo will moderate a conversation with the featured authors and contributors: Heather White (One Green Thing), Lily Brooks-Dalton (The Light Pirate) and Favianna Rodriguez, president of the Center for Cultural Power and teen climate activist Alexandria Villaseñor (contributors to All We Can Save).

Featured Titles

All We Can Save edited by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson & Katharine K. Wilkinson

All We Can Save” showcases the wisdom and experiences of dozens of women actively contributing to environmental initiatives in the United States. These women are scientists, journalists, farmers, lawyers, teachers, activists, and innovators, who all come from different backgrounds. Their diverse perspectives offer a range of ideas and insights on how we can swiftly and significantly reshape society for a sustainable future.

One Green Thing by Heather White 

Environmentalist Heather White offers an accessible guide to taking action for a more sustainable world. Through heart- warming and humorous anecdotes from her upbringing in East Tennessee to her experiences parenting in Montana, White demonstrates how people can contribute to the environmental movement. She encourages self-discovery, helping readers align their personalities, interests, and strengths with meaningful actions.

The Light Pirate by Lily Brooks-Dalton

Set in a world where Florida faces the relentless onslaught of extreme weather and rising sea levels, “The Light Pirate” is the story of a small coastal town preparing for a powerful hurricane. Divided into four parts—power, water, light, and time—this GMA Book Club pick novel mirrors the rhythms of the elements and the gradual transformation of the world as we know it. It serves as a contemplation of changes that challenge our comfort zones and a reminder of the untamed beauty and strength of nature.

Children’s Companion Books

To Change a Planet by Christina Soontornvat (Pre K-1st)

Spare, poetic text and breathtaking pictures invite readers on a stirring journey that gently illuminates the causes of climate change as well as how our individual and collective actions can make the world better. Meticulously researched and brimming with beauty, hope, and hands-on solutions that will edify and empower even the youngest readers, this loving ode to our planet is vital for every child and family.

The Forest Man by Anne Matheson (Grades 1 – 4) 

After years of harsh monsoon seasons, a forest on the river island of Majuli is in danger of being slowly washed away. Jadav, a boy living on the island, is determined to save the forest he loves. This is the true story of how one young boy dedicated his life to creating and cultivating an expansive forest that continues to grow to this day. In a world impacted by climate change, Jadav Payeng’s inspirational story shows how one person’s contributions can make a difference in helping to save our environment.

Two Degrees by Alan Gratz (Grades 4 – 8)

When three children endure separate climate change disasters–a wildfire in the California woods, a close encounter with a hungry polar bear in Canada, and a massive hurricane in Florida–they emerge from their experiences committed to changing the world.

Don’t Call Me a Hurricane by Ellen Hagan (Teen / Young Adult)

Told in verse, seventeen-year-old Eliza, an environmental activist, is navigating the after-effects of a hurricane that devastated her coastal town while falling for Milo, a rich tourist who is at the center of a redevelopment that could put her community in danger–again.