April 18, 2024

Climate Change – Problems and solutions

By: Unikitty (G6, 2021)

“Over the past 50 years, the average global temperature has increased at the fastest rate in recorded history.” says an article on NRDC. Global Warming is a very big problem and I want to help solve it.

“What is Global Warming?” Global Warming is when more carbon emissions (CO2) are released into the air and makes a long lasting effect called the Greenhouse Gas Effect. When these carbon emissions enter the atmosphere, they can stay for more than a century, damaging the ozone layer by capturing the sunlight and solar radiation.

The effects of global warming are very severe. Scientists have found evidence saying global warming can have a surge of storms and boost a category 3 storm into category 4. Since 2000, more storms have been present such as Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and Hurricane Sandy which hit the East Coast in 2012. Another big effect is The melting of Antarctica. Author of an article on sciencenews.org explains “How is melting a continent-sized ice sheet like stirring milk into coffee? Both are, for all practical purposes, irreversible” Global warming can lead to an irreversible melting of Antarctica which can lead to a rise of 58 meters of ocean water. This could potentially flood parts of our continents.

We need solutions because ”there’s no magic bullet”. The US is already starting to reduce carbon emission with pledges and Funds, so are other parts of the world. I can help too. I want to learn how to use scientifically proven ways to help the environment such as ways to make reduced or 0-emission fuels for cars (vegetable fuels, hydrogen fuels, or electrical). I can join scientists and active groups to help reduce the existing carbon dioxide in the air to repair the damage in the ozone layer. I can also help take actions now to plant more trees. To help people get prepared for storms and climate change, I can help design better architectures. I can also inform people how to reduce their carbon footprint by carpooling, buying energy efficient products, and take limited amounts of public transportation. Anyone can contribute to saving the earth.

This problem can take a tremendous amount of effort to solve, so we need to start today.


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